Six Eight Marketing is a company dedicated to finding unique and creative solutions to communication barriers that companies often find. After working together in previous jobs and projects, Scott and Carol determined that if they called a few of their most talented colleagues and persuaded them to join forces they could assemble the perfect marketing team.

With over twenty years of combined experience, we started this company because we feel like we offer a fresh, creative outlook on branding, marketing and design. Marketing has changed and has become a two-way conversation where brands lacking creativity and strategy drown in the all of the noise. We want to be the team that helps you find your voice, stay relevant and authentic to who you are, and creatively express that to the world. We believe marketing is much more than a logo or catchy tag line. We will get to the true personality of your company and find the best solution to market your brand to your target audience. We provide a wide range of marketing solutions meeting a specific need or a full range from branding, strategy and execution. We are Six Eight Marketing.